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- Latest Comic -

Not too bad
Still kind of late, but at least it wasn't a month late, huh?
Anyway, aside from the new comic, I 've been making some more cosmetic changes to the site. It's pretty much just involves adding more link buttons to the comics pages. I really gotta find a better way to lay those out though...
Anyway, have a great 4th of July, everyone.
- Ron

Oooooh... Pretty Archives
Check out the archives. I added a new drop down box to act as the aarchive navigation from now on. Its pretty nice (at least i think so); very professional. At any rate, be sure to give it a look see.
Comics coming soon.
- Ron

And the laziness ensues
Well at least it didn't get to a month without being updated.
Pretty much the reason I haven't been updating is because A) summer has made me even lazier (didn't see that one coming...) and B) I've been playing waaaaay too much WoW. But who am I kidding; you can never have enough WoW.
Anyway, I've recently been trying to get into the endgame raiding guild that a buddy of mine is in. Unfortunately for me I'm going to be needing alot of fire resist gear to make the cut... Which means Upper Blackrock Spire, here I come; about 1000 times. I don't know how much sense that made to any of you out there.
I really need to cut back on the warcrack...
- Ron

Something New
Im starting a new story arc here. The metal gear one kind of collapsed... mostly due to laziness. This one should be good.
I also updated the pics for the cast page. I tried to blend the pics in with the color of the main page, and I think it turned out pretty well.
Stay tuned for the next parts of the arc
- Ron

I seem to be getting worse
Hi there. Its Tuesday now, and this is the first new comic I've done in, oh... about a week and a half. Like the title says, I seem to be getting worse at updating LFG. This thread delivers.
Anywho, with summer coming up, I'm going to be coming into a nice amount of free time (hopefully), which means that I'll be able to pay more attention to LFG.
I's also planning to be adding some bios to the cast page. Lets just hope that I'm not too lazy in doing that too.
- Ron